Create Change

There is no single formula to global justice. It is the product of many people, the sum of many acts. It must be dynamic, changing to meet the challenges of each new generation. It must use the past to create a better today, guaranteeing a brighter tomorrow.

April 24th, 2015, marked the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. In honor of the victims that perished, Not Just Us has designed a limited edition bracelet to raise awareness for globalĀ and social justice.Our bracelet is made up of an innovative two part patent pending interchangeable linx design. On one side, the red, blue, and orange beads represent the colors of the Armenian flag.

The other side can be interchanged between black and white beads. The black beads pay homage to those who perished during the genocide. The white beads represent peace and show a movement towards a brighter future. The knot charm reminds the world that those who were killed will not be forgotten.

With this bracelet, we hope to create change. Let us work together to raise awareness of the injustices around the world, past and present.